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Moar Tile started from a personal experience of being new in the industry and seeing so many careless installations existing, as well as homeowners that have been abandoned by a contractor that took down payment, then left them with nothing accomplished. The company was created to help give homeowners a safe tile company to hire that cares about the end results just as much as the client does, we call this the passion that fires us up and makes it all worth it do do this again every day. Each and every day we strive to be better, our installations are done with accuracy and care. Moar Tile only uses the top materials and products on the market to make the installation of any tile last and have additional strength and longevity properties.

A job completed by Moar Tile will look new drastically longer than our competitors jobs because we upgrade all of our materials beyond the generic standard that fades and stains over the years ultimately leaving people disappointed with their installations that weren’t done with the materials that we would use to deliver long term satisfaction with the tile workmanship. Even with the best application one cannot expect great long lasting results without great products being used. The final touch as simple as the grout selected can make or break the tile job.

Moar Tile has not had call backs at this point and we believe that this is due to the products we use delivering the longevity that we expected from them. Better products yields a form of insurance that your job will keep you happy vs those whose grout looks aged and stained.

Just think long term and know that when it’s time to sell you will glow when people as wow did you just get this done? Then you can reply a few years ago and they will know it was done with care and quality with premium products for peace of mind in the future. We explain things along the way to you of what makes our install different that you can use as a great selling feature with any tile you upgrade or any renovation you implement with us that adds value to your home.

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