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      When looking for a tile contractor in Edmonton, look no further than Moar Tile Inc. We work with all types of tile including Ceramic, Marble, Slate, Faux Wood, Granite, Sandstone, Travertine, Quartzite, and much more. Our consultants are our experienced installers so we are well educated in the tile and construction industry and we will review your needs and help you select the right tile for your job. Whether it be for flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, or any other application, our experts know the pros and cons of every tile product and can help steer your project in the right direction to ensure your satisfaction through excellent planning and follow through.


      As an Edmonton tile contractor focused on quality, Moar Tile uses 15-25 year sealers that outperform the others, High quality setting materials, premium heated flooring solutions with beautiful touch screen thermostats that are smartphone controllable and programmable, high quality waterproofing systems such as WEDI and Schluter systems and we are trained and certified to install them. 


Our tile setters are more than capable to install any mosaic, and any tile size range up to the new modern large format (5 ft by 10 ft long) porcelain and other material slabs such as Dekton made by Consentino. We are one of the few people in the city that can miter them well and epoxy colour match the mitre for a seamless look on outside corners. Moar Tile is proud to have worked along side Allstone in Edmonton on the Phipps McKinnon building downtown installing Dekton, also the home of Lui Chi’s coffee that we fell in love with on this job. We have installed the large porcelain, which by the way is the most challenging porcelain to work with in the industry as it is easy to break, mind you we have a record so far to pull off a job without the breakage that many installers face through our secret practice and handling.


 All that being said you can trust that we will bring the highest quality to any of your tiling needs so that it adds as much value as possible for your home or commercial property. We believe that one day we will hopefully raise and set a better standard for tile in Edmonton or at least give you one more place you can go to to assure your job will be done right, with excellence. All of our tile setters will yields amazing results, this is our promise to you.

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