Tile Installation

     Choose an Edmonton tile installation specialist that is focused on quality. At Moar Tile, we never settle for good enough. Therefore, our installers always provide premium workmanship for an impressive tile installation. Our integrity and reputation means the most to us, therefore we will treat your home as if it was our own and put the right amount of passion and care into your job that you would hope for. Leave it to us for your next tile installation to know that all the steps will be done right by settling for “Moar”.

Common problems we solve:

    We often see leaks from improperly tiled showers, we then re-do the job with no leaks that ever return. When subfloors are not done properly this leads to movement in the floor, inevitably leading to cracked grout lines from the tiles flexing and the grout gradually releases. A simple re-grout cannot fix this in most cases, as the problem lies below. Solving unlevel floors and making them flat is something we do all of the time.

Top quality products we provide:


     We supply all kinds of tile and large format porcelain panels, 15-25 year sealers that outperform the others, high quality setting materials, and more. Our premium heated flooring solutions come with beautiful touch screen thermostats that are smartphone controllable and programmable, high quality waterproofing systems such as WEDI and Schluter systems 

Edmonton Tile Installation:

     We provide tile installation services, custom tile inlays, floor logos with tile, heated flooring, and much more. Moar tile also provides customized waterproof showers for any space, tie into existing floor drains, level floors to fix uneven surface, Dry Pack installation, sealing of new or existing tile, proper subfloor installations. Beautiful backsplash installations and feature wall installs as well as natural stone or tile on fireplaces and walls. We do demolitions while keeping the home safe and clean, and we also will do drywall installation after meaning no need to find a drywall installer before we tile not to mention saving you the higher rate for them coming to do a small job. Everybody wins as a drywall company would prefer to be on a bigger job.

     Moar Tile has a multitude of other trades we work with so you don’t need to worry about lining everyone up and figuring out who is good at what they do. We have got you covered. We can manage the whole project from start to finish even outside of tile work to make sure that you get a quality renovation leading to better results as we control the process from studs to boarding to the finished result material of choice.


For quality Edmonton tile installations Trust Moar Tile. We will ensure the job is done right.


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